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“But in a solitary life, there are rare moments when another soul dips near yours, as stars once a year brush the earth. Such a constellation was he to me.”

Madeline Miller


If you are interested in Greek mythology but don’t enjoy reading straight Homer, Circe and Madeline Miller are for you. She takes the delightful tale of the nymph Circe’s life and transforms it into modern day prose- no less beautiful than the original. The most fascinating part of this book to me was how a tale from thousands of years ago can still resonate with our generation. Circe goes through separation from her family, struggles with love, and finds how to accept herself for who she is. I have always loved any kind of history, especially when given the ability to immerse myself in it. Walking through historical ruins, reading history textbooks, even watching movies about faraway cultures I have always found so interesting. That is another reason I enjoyed it so much. Finally, I also enjoyed the small connections I could draw to The Odyssey. Like most people, it was assigned reading for me, but unlike most people I actually enjoy it. That made it a special treat when it was alluded to and I could make small connections. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good classic story and also a drop of history.

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