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Normal People

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Shoutout to Halle Baerenstecher and Bisola Ojeniyi for recommending this fabulous piece of literature to me. Being a very introspective person myself, I highly enjoyed as the two main characters analyzed every single bit of their lives and relationships. This is the part of the novel that separates it from a traditional love story. They grapple with mental health, fight for love, and get past insecurities. It is a story, just as the title indicates, about normal people. The author made a choice to not put quotation marks when the characters are speaking. Though it might be a bit harder to adjust to at first while reading, I believe that she did this in order to emphasize just how normal their lives are. This is not a story about two people meeting in high school and going through college together, this is just two people living their lives. I would recommend this book to any introspective person in the mood to analyze life and the way we view it!

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