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The Serpent and the Pearl

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Let me start this review off by saying that I LOVE KATE QUINN! She is the author who reignited my passion for reading. I found her through the Mistress of Rome series and quickly read all of them and more of her books. She is the perfect author for a light historical read. This specific novel is about Giulia Farnese, a woman who has an affair with the pope. Her story is fascinating, and her strength is inspiring. My favorite part of this story, and all of Kate Quinn’s novels, is the end, where she writes the actual history and you see how factual the whole story is. Somehow Quinn is able to take all of these historical character’s actual lives and turn them into interesting stories for people in today’s world to read. I always feel like I learn so much about history from her books. I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in Ancient Rome! Support Kate Quinn!

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